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TAS Campus

TAS Campus
ID, Access, Purchasing

TAS Campus cashless 3.0 solution

Give students and faculty a Universal ID card with no-fee purchasing convenience to use at the college bookstore, cafeteria, and participating merchants. TAS Campus is designed to align with student purchasing habits while providing a safe, simple way for parents to send funds with less risk than traditional payment options.

TAS Campus runs on cashless 3.0™ as an end-to-end card management system that fits any program size or budget. Instead of depending on processors, card networks and acquiring banks, you can create, launch, and manage a prepaid card program in a few easy steps and start generating income from the first transaction.


Students & Faculty

  • Carry one universal form of ID with purchasing power.
  • Make on-campus purchasing safer faster, easier and more convenient.
  • Feel secure with a lower fees and fraud risk than traditional credit and debit cards.
  • Reload balance, limit spending, block online transactions and review account activity – anywhere, anytime.
  • Earn rewards by supporting participating local merchants with each purchase.


  • Increase on-campus purchase activity and capture surplus funds from student accounts.
  • Generate instant revenue from card reloading and cardholder transactions at participating merchants.
  • Significantly lower monthly processing fees to outside payment parties.
  • Lower fraud risk with closed loop prepaid card / student ID — photo adds instant proof of identity.
  • Incentivize use through campus rewards and loyalty programs.


  • Reduce transaction fees by eliminating processor and card networks.
  • Gain on-campus marketing exposure through integrated reward programs.
  • Develop affiliate relationships with nearby universities.
  • Increase sales volume by tapping into student’s disposable income.
  • Relax — TAS Campus is EMV compliant so you can run both open or closed loop programs.


 CARD 3.0

Manage all aspects of the card lifecycle from initial design through configuration to sales - even monitor stock levels and replenishment on-site. An elastic, pluggable and self-configurable cloud of interoperating services. cl CARD 3.0 guarantees extreme configuration flexibility and reduced time to market for new prepaid products. The modular approach helps institutions set up their universal ID/prepaid card program in a few simple steps.


Produces all information necessary to generate a personalization file for in-house card printing. All the latest MasterCard and VISA specifications are implemented. Profiles are pre-configured in the system and periodically updated. Card scripts compatible with the most common card printers and chip types are also available.

 Key Management

Guides the complex process of EMV and other symmetric key generation, distribution, storage and lifecycle management. It also enables card issuers and processors to generate RSA keys for Public Key Certification Process involved in certificate requests and can act as a cryptographic service provider during card personalization.


Manages the routing and protocol conversion activities on all inbound and outbound transactions. Based on ISO 8583, it communicates directly with the authorization system for on-us transactions and allows for fast integration of new services and payment channels.

 Authorization Engine

Manages real-time authorizations and batch processing. Authorization requests and responses are traced and matched with batch transactions for clearing purposes. This module activates account checks, risk management, card updating services and authorization profile management.

 POS Management

Have complete oversight of physical and virtual POS terminals wherever they’re located on campus. Powerful yet versatile, this module handles cards transactions of all types whether EMV chip or magnetic stripe, national and international cards, contact and contactless cards. In line with system standards, messages are forwarded along appropriate channels to authorization applications.