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EMV Processing

Transaction Processing

Solutions for transaction processing

EMV is becoming a reality in the US for processing and clearing. With cashless 3.0™ for Processors and Program Managers, achieve higher transaction volumes, improve performance, and enhance your EMV processing program for debit, credit or prepaid cards. Connect directly to the Visa and MasterCard circuits and have all the functionality necessary to direct the end-to-end traffic of transactions. cashless 3.0 for processing combines the management of authorizations and clearing flows for VISA, MasterCard and other major Card Networks. Because of this modular approach, cashless 3.0 minimizes the impact on existing systems, thus protecting your investment.

cashless 3.0®

 Key Management

Guides the complex process of EMV and other symmetric key generation, distribution, storage and lifecycle management. It also enables issuers and processors to generate RSA keys for Public Key Certification Process involved in Certificate requests and acts as cryptographic service provider during the card personalization process. This module system can be used as a general repository for all the keys on the basis of the dual control and split knowledge principles by tracing any activity performed by users of the keys.


Manages the routing and protocol conversion activities on all inbound and outbound transactions. Based on ISO 8583, it communicates directly with the authorization system for on-us transactions and enables fast integration of new services and payment channels. When deployed as an add-on component, cl Switch is uniquely engineered to allow for retention of the existing platform as part of the EMV migration phase.

 Authorization Engine

Implements authorizations and batch processing on all transactions updated in real time. Authorization requests and responses are traced and matched with batch transactions for clearing purposes. This module activates accounts checks, risk management, card updating services (e.g. scripting) and authorization profile management.


Facilitates the exchange of clearing and settlement flows throughout the card network. Verify and validate data within each message and generate the correct response code for single-message transactions and in the batch clearing process with all major payment schemes regardless of local, regional, or international origination.

 Direct Link

Integrates gateways to connect directly to main payment networks like Visa and MasterCard. The main features of this module include full availability of incoming and outgoing agents, logging, encryption and decryption. The system is based on ISO8583 protocol.

 Fraud Protect

Identifies suspect transactions and executes preemptive actions or appropriate responses when fraudulent activity is ascertained. This module interacts in real-time with the client’s legacy systems to enable preventive measures. Control rule definitions are customizable and capable of activating immediate interception in the event of potential fraud. The engine identifies potential points-of-compromise based on card payment data and carries out temporary blocks in support of investigation activities.